What is Reward Me?
Reward Me is a must have utility tool in your smart phone that combination of real time location base great deals info and loyalty reward program.

Is Reward Me free?
Yes. Reward Me is a free membership program.

How to join?
Download Reward Me Mobile App via Google Play store for Android users or Apple App store for IOS users. Alternatively, you may go to our main page to find our download link from Apple Appstore and Google Play.

How do I login to Reward Me?
There are 2 options offered to the user for login. You can either login via your Facebook account. The other would be via your email, simple and basis info only required for signing up.

What is Reward Me Stamp?
Reward Me Stamp is a token of appreciation given by our participated merchants or us to you.

Where can I collect Reward Me Stamp?
You are required to present you Reward Me personal QR code to the merchant’s cashier in order to receive Stamps. You may start collect and accumulate your Reward Me Stamp from our participated merchants or yourself participant in our event, activities or campaign that we organized from time to time.

What can I do with Reward Me Stamps?
You may redeem your Reward Me Stamps via coupon offered by our merchants (e.g. “Free 1 coffee for 200 Stamps” coupon offered by one of our merchant. Add coupon offer by our merchant via app into your coupon folder and redeem the coupon at merchant’s outlet.) Or You may redeem the accumulated Stamps for Cash or Cash voucher as show in your app. Just select and click. (Note: terms and conditions apply. you must update your bank details in your personal info setting page first) Or You may participant in our monthly Lucky Draw campaign (terms & condition apply. To be announcing at our web & app notice board)

Is there any expiry date to my Reward Me Stamps?
Yes. Your Reward Me Stamps will be expired 36 months after issuance, on a first in first out basis.

How to check my collected Reward Me Stamps?
Information of your Stamps transaction and Stamps going to expire reports are available to you. You can check your accumulated Stamps via your app or website www.rewardme.my member’s log in portal.